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STS Contamination Simulators

Simulated Contamination monitors, Probes and Sources

RadEye with DP6

Simulated Smart Probe


Simulated Contamination Meter

20211125_104338 co.jpg

Simulated Contamination Meter


Simulated  Meter

SBM2D Probe

Simulated Smart Probe

20190606_160508 co 2.jpg

Simulated Meter

P1010669 2.JPG

Simulated  Probe

Trainging probe for radioactive contamination surveys

Simulated Probe

RadEye AP2

Simulated Smart Probe


Simulated Clothing Monitor

Simulated Probe/Interface

multi units cutout 2.png

Simulated Meter

3 cutout.jpg

Probes for Simulated Meters

2 CO.jpg

Simulant Material

LS1 & SS4

STS Smart Interface with LUD 3

Training Simulator Smart Interface

Train Without

 Real Sources

Nuclear Worker


Over 30

Simulator Models

Military Users

Radiation  Monitoring Training

Homeland Security


Our products are all manufactured in the UK. Contact us for a quote or to find your nearest distributor.

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