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Georadis Systems

For Radiation Detection


Instruments for radiation detection, determination of radioactive sources & measuring their intensities. 


  • The smallest representative of hand held scintillators.

  • Suitable for rapid localization and tracking of radiation sources.

  • Easy to operate and Low power consumption. 


  • Clear and easy-to-read display

  • Audible indication of changes in radiation levels make RT-20 suitable for routine work when locating sources of radiation.

  • Unit is also available with an extension.

  • Low weight so easily portable even in rugged conditions.

  • Dimensions of the device have been minimized, but not at the expense of sensitivity

  • ​Housing made of aluminium alloy.

  • Powered by four AA cells, Alkaline and rechargeable cells are also acceptable and charge controller is located inside unit.

  • Housing enclosure protected against scratches and bumps with a plastic finish on the outside and foam lining inside.

  • NaI / Tl crystal of 1.18 " diameter & 1.18" length and Gamma-ray energy range from 30 keV ensures sufficient sensitivity of unit for radiation sources contained in massive shielding or transport containers.


  • Designed primarily for work in areas where probability occurrence of significant radiation sources                                             is high and difficult access.

  • Metal scrap and other waste.



  • Based on the RT-21 series, the most sensitive from the range of manufactured hand-held radiation detectors.

  • Internal memory for storing measurement data, and Bluetooth connectivity allowing the use of an external GPS module.

  • Robust design makes it suitable for hostile climatic conditions.

  • Bestseller at the time of the uranium panic.

  • Only detector with a NaI/Tl scintillation crystal with a capacity of 104 cm3 weighing less than 3 kg.


  • Large NaI/Tl detector with one-button easy operation.

  • Search profiles recordable in memory and data transfer via USB or Bluetooth.

  • Well balanced, easy to carry. and robust boot for mechanical protection.

  • Graphic display, and alarm signals.

  • Dust and water resistant.

  • RT-22 series is also available with a telescopic arm.

  • Memory capacity allows storage of data for at least 12 hours.

  • Low power consumption and long battery life, with integrated charger, rechargeable AA batteries can be used.

  • Housing of aluminium alloy coated in a polyurethane layer protecting device from wear & tear allowing easy decontamination.


  • Sensitive localisation of sources of radiation.

  • Widely used in metal recycling, Exploration and Scrap Yards

RT22 0_edited.png


  • Handheld multi-purpose gamma ray spectrometer with integrated dose meter and neutron identification.

  • High sensitivity, long operating time and high durability in field conditions.

  • Quick scanning for radioactive materials and reliable identification of radioisotopes.

  • Protection of personnel against the effects of ionizing radiation.


  • Detects radiation sources, measuring dose rate and identifying neutrons.

  • Low weight, high mechanical resistance and water resistant

  • Monitoring and analysis results are displayed on a graphic display in a well-arranged manner.

  • All acquired data is stored in the unit's memory and can be exported to other devices via USB or Bluetooth. 


  • Industrial applications, personal protection, tracking illegal movement of radioactive sources and searching for lost radiation.

  • Built on a large volume NaI / Tl scintillation detector with a 2" base diameter and 2" height. Ensuring scintillometer's function of determining the location of radioactive materials, identifying radionuclides from the recorded gamma spectra and dose rate within a limited range.

  • Two basic working modes: Survey, for radiation surveying, and Identification, for identifying the detected sources.

  • Survey mode is combined with simultaneous dose rate measurements.

  • Energy calibration of analyser carried throughout operating time, and only natural background                                        sources are used for set-up.

RT30 0_edited.png


  • The RT-30 Mk II is the second generation of popular handheld gamma ray spectrometer RT-30.

  • A strong alloy body sealed against dust and water, protective removable rubber boot, comfortable grip and low weight.

  • Instrument built as an open platform with potential of fast & simple implementation of special features required by customers.

  • Bridges traditional scintillation detection probes using common vacuum photomultiplier tube with up-to-date silicon photomultipliers technology.


  • Excellent Sensitivity and easy operation

  • Highest ratio detector to unit volume

  • Fast and Reliable Isotope Identification

  • Ergonomic, Lightweight, Rugged and Compact design

  • IP-65 Dust and Water resistant

  • Comfortable grip with five buttons operable in glows with removable protective rubber boot

  • Detectors fully build in the housing, protected by rubber foam

  • Large, transreflectible colored display - sharp and high contrast in sunlight, backlighted in dark

  • Four status indication LEDs – indication of alarms and health status

  • Wide fleet of scintillation detectors supported; NaI/Tl, CsI/Tl, CsI/Eu, LaHalide, BGO, GAGG, SrI, Plastic scintillation detectors PVT


  • Homeland Security, surveillance operations and nuclear facilities

  • Customs and Border protection

  • Hospitals and Health physics

  • Waste Recycling and Incineration plants

  • Scrap metal recycling

  • Research laboratoriesProduction facilities

RT30 MkII 0_edited.jpg


  • Fast radiation analysis of steel, dust and slag in steelworks.

  • Determining concentrations of potassium, uranium and thorium in building materials and rocks.

  • Measuring radioactive substances in food, animal feed and environmental samples.


  • High sensitivity

  • Low operating costs and fast analyses

  • Ease of integration thanks to the SQL database, operable in networks.

  • Wide range of sample containers, including Marinelli beakers.


  • The RT-50 model with the LabCenter program has been specifically designed to monitor and detect the presence of radiation in metals, metallurgical by-products, geological samples, foodstuff, animal feed, building and many other materials.