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Contamination Products

STS Contamination Probes

Simulated Contamination Probes for use with STS Simulated Meters

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STS manufacture a range of standard probes that can be used with any STS simulated Meter.


All the probes use the same technology with some of the large area probes having dual detectors to increase the sensitive measurement area. These probes are all powered from the host meter and connected via the STS 5 pin cable unique to this product range. This connector means it is impossible to connect a real probe to the simulated meter, or to connect a simulated probe to a real meter.

Probes in this range include:

44a & EP15   -  Usually used with the STS Thermo mini 900 monitor.

HP260           -  Pancake style probe - usually used with the STS Thermo Electra or the STS Ludlum Model 3/12/14.

DP6               -  Large area Probe (or BP19)  usually used with STS Thermo Electra - this probe is available with either a single or dual detector.

DP2               -  (AP2) square probe - usually used with STS Thermo Electra.

HP210           -  Shielded Probe - usually used with STS Ludlum Model 3/12.

BP4 & AP3    -  Styles - used with older style meters.

43-5               -  Large area probe - usually used with STS Ludlum Model 3/12/14.

FHZ732         -  Pancake probe for STS  FH40G Dual simulated meters, can also be supplied for other meters with a different connector.

Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

Contact us for a quote or to find your nearest distributor.

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