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STS Ludlum 3000 Smart-probe

Simulated Contamination Probe

The Ludlum 3000 is the latest in the list of instruments to be simulated for nuclear training by STS.

In this instance the meter is a real and unmodified Ludlum 3000 connected to which is an STS smart probe.  The smartprobe houses all of the interface electronics and batteries that would normally be built into a simulated meter.  This means that the user can take any unmodified Ludlum 3000 and simply plug the simulated training probe into it.

The smart probe is currently available in either a 43-2-2 (cylindrical probe ) or a 43-93 (large area probe DP6/BP19 Style).

These probe run on  a built in Lithium Ion cell that offers over 10 hours of run time.

For more details on these probes see the smart probes page 

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