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STS Contamination Trainer

Simulated Digital Contamination Meter

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The new meter is the first generic meter to be made by STS and is ideally suited to the University, research and Hospitals sector.

The unit features a full colour 2.4” screen with counts displayed and a bar graph visual indicator. The meter is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium cell giving over 14 hours run time and can also be run directly from a 240v or 110v mains supply via a wall charger.


Settable alarm thresholds and audio mute allow the user to set up the unit to their own requirement. The units respond to STS’s proprietary LS1 liquid simulant spray which may be used to show cross contamination and contamination clean-up.

A carry handle allows for easy transport and the small size makes it suitable for desktop surveys. The meter can be supplied with any of the STS standard contamination probes such as the 44A, HP260 or DP6.

The unit is supplied with a 12 month warranty and with no requirement for annual calibration or service the ongoing cost of ownership is minimal.

The case is a cast aluminium enclosure with 4 feet with two adjustable front feet allowing the unit to be tilted for viewing. A probe clip is included suitable for a 44A or other probes depending on requirements. The probe connector is a 5 pin binder ensuring that the unit cannot be connected to a real probe. The meter is supplied in a carry case with chosen probe and cable, manual, charger and 1 can of LS1 simulant.

Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

Contact us for a quote or to find your nearest distributor.

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