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Siloxane Monitoring

Installed and Portable Monitoring Solutions

The STS Siloxane monitor is designed to output a total siloxane concentration in mg/m3 in gases derived from waste water treatment, food waste digestion and landfills. Understanding the levels of Siloxane in the gas allows operators to manage gas clean up systems such as activated carbon filters and regenerative filter systems. The monitor provides assurance to those exporting gas to grid that their supply is within the tolerance limit set by the grid network for Siloxane concentration.

The monitor has been designed in house by STS to provide the most cost effective, reliable and convenient monitor available. STS, rather than modifying an existing device,  conceptualised the idea of a monitor designed, built and tested with the sole purpose of detecting and measuring siloxanes. This enabled the design to be both results led and cost effective, resulting in the use of robust but simple design with an emphasis on practicality.

Technical Specification on the set up,

installation & operation of the Siloxane Monitor.

Technical Specification on the set up,

installation & operation of the

Portable Siloxane Monitor.

Case studies from operational fields such as

Waste Water, Food Waste & Landfill.

Information and downloadable Datasheets

STS Siloxane monitors have been installed in the field for over 2.5 years with several units having amassed more than

10,000 continuous readings (10,000 hours of operation).

A minimal requirement for service and maintenance and a once annual calibration routine means the ongoing cost of ownership is minimal.

Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

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