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Contamination Products

STS Training Simulator Smart Interface

Connecting an unmodified meter to any STS simulated Contamination Probe


The STS smart interface box allows unmodified meters to be connected to a STS simulation probe. This means that meters do not have to be purchased solely for training purposes and that any of the same series meters can be used with the interface so that the simulator could be shared between end users.


The interface box takes the existing cable from the host meter to the appropriate connector with a 2nd 5 pin connector taking an output cable to a simulated probe, this means that a user cannot inadvertently connect a real probe to the interface box.

The smart interface contains a processor and signal generator that takes the output from the STS  simulated probe and turns it into a pulse which the host instrument would expect to see from a real probe. The box and probe are powered from a 3.7V Lithium rechargeable cell and comes supplied with a charging unit.  The box features 2 leds to identify that the interface is turned on (green)/ or if the battery is low (red), and if the battery is on charge(red) or fully charged(green). The Lithium battery should provide approx 18 hours running on a full charge. The Interface box measures just 100 x 80 x40mm and only weighs ~200g. It can be attached to the meter by Velcro straps if required. The interface box is made to order with the appropriate connector to interface to your meter, be that an Electra, Mini 900, Ludlum Model 3, 12, 14, 6150AD, Mini900 or others.

Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

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