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Contamination Products

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STS Contamination Monitor Simulator

Simulated Digital Contamination Monitor

The Contamination monitor simulator is a wall mounted mains powered unit that replicates monitors such as the Thermo CM9/11. The system features a DP6 style frisking probe with an automatic background check and monitoring activated by removing the probe from the cradle.

Key Features & Applications • Features a 7" touch screen with counts displayed and a bar graph visual indicator for both Alpha and Beta Channels. • Meter is powered directly from a 240v or 100v mains supply via a wall plug. • Unit responds to STS LS1 which is used to show cross contamination and contamination clean-up. • Case is powder coated steel with an integral wall mounting plate. • Probe connector is a 5 pin binder ensuring unit cannot be connected to a real probe. • Meter supplied with probe, cable, manual, charger and 1 can LS1. • Unit features a comprehensive menu system with user definable settings: -Apha Alarm -Beta Alarm -Display Units -Display Mode -Contamination Check -Monitoring Time -Background Monitoring Time -Changing Background Threshold -Operation in High Background -Background Substitution

Technical Specifications • The case is a cast aluminium enclosure with 4 feet with two adjustable front feet allowing the unit to be tilted for viewing. • Probe clip is included suitable for a 44A or other probes depending on requirements. • Probe connector is a 5 pin binder ensuring that the unit cannot be connected to a real probe.

Additional information • Probe hangerincluded is only suitable for a DP6 Probe only. • Supplied with 12 months warranty. • No requirement for annual calibration or service meaning ongoing cost of ownership is minimal.

Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

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