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STS SBM2D Smartprobe

Simulated Contamination Probe


The STS SBM2D probe may be used with the Digital Canberra MIP10.  The Probe has a standard 16 pin fischer connector that plugs directly into the probe port on the instrument.


The SBM-2D probe is powered by the instrument and does not require batteries.  The probe is automatically turned on when the probe is connected to the meter and the meter is powered on.


It is required that the Meter is plugged into the mains supply to ensure sufficient current is available to run the probe. 

This probe features dual detectors which are designed to increase the sensitive area of detection as this is a simulated large area probe. Once powered on the instrument is set up to produce a small artificial random background of between 1 and 5 cps.  Monitoring slowly and close to the surface the gas detection system will locate the presence of the STS LS1 liquid simulant that has been applied to a surface.  LS1 is designed to produce a small vapour cloud that sits just above the surface of the material, this means that the radiation monitoring team must monitor carefully to be able to detect the simulant.

On detection of the simulant a rapid increase in the count rate displayed on the monitor will be seen and likely trigger the pre set alarm.  Moving the probe away from the area will show a quick decrease in the countrate and a return to the background reading.

The SBM2D simulator features a hook allowing it to be secured to a stand so that hands may be monitored without coming into contact with the probe and therefore reducing the possibility of cross contamination.

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