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STS Radiation Simulators

Simulated Survey Meters, Dosimeters and Sources

20211103_144102 co.jpg

Simulated Survey Meter

Dosimeter for Training Nuclear Workers

Simulated Electronic Personal Dosimeter

20220106_113643 cutout.jpg

Variable activity simulated radiation source

Simulated Survey Meter

20220127_164714 co_edited.jpg

Simulated Survey Meter

Simulated Dosimeter

STS Safe-Portal Monitor

Simulated Portal Monitor

med Pocket source 2_edited.jpg

Simulated Source

G10 Cut out 2.jpg

Simulated Survey Meter

STS FH40 Telepole.jpg

Simulated Survey Meter

P1010429 3_edited.jpg

Simulated Survey Meter

Safe EPD Cutout.jpg

Simulation equipment sets

Train Without

 Real Sources

Nuclear Worker


Over 30

Simulator Models

Military Users

Radiation  Monitoring Training

Homeland Security


Our products are all manufactured in the UK. Contact us for a quote or to find your nearest distributor.

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