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STS FHZ732 Probe for Dual-FH40G Meter

Simulated Contamination Probe

FHZ732 Probe

The new STS FHZ732 probe has been specifically designed for use with the STS Dual FH40G Meter. 

The probe is manufactured using actual Thermo FHZ body casings which are modified to accept the STS simulated detector and electronics. The probe has a 4 pin binder connector which connects to the FH40G and when in contamination mode will display the output of the probe in CPS.

STS LS1 liquid simulant source is applied to a surface where it generates a small gas cloud that sits close to the surface. This “radiation” may be detected by passing the probe close to and slowly over the surface, as would be done with a real probe when used by a skilled operator. Too fast, or too far away results in no detection – excellent training!
Cross contamination can easily be demonstrated, as can decontamination – both benefits of using a “real” contamination, even if not radioactive. The contamination lasts at room temperature for 
1-2 hours but totally evaporates within 24hrs leaving the training area ready for the next exercise.

The STS Dual FH40G simulator is unique to the STS range offering users the ability to use either the internal simulated radiation detector, a radiation probe such as the FHZ512 or a contamination pancake probe such as the FHZ732. The FH40 controls and characteristics remain unchanged from the real instrument, button function is identical and the instrument has selectable alarm functions and audio output. The simulator is built into a slightly deeper case than a standard FH40 and incorporates a built in Lithium-Ion battery which provides over 10 hours run time between charges.

The use of simulators also helps to limit the exposure of the trainer – if real sources are used, every training session poses an additional cumulative dose to the trainer, while the trainee receives only the dose resulting from the session attended.

Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

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