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Georadis RT-30 Mk II

Handheld Gamma ray Spectrometer

The RT-30 Mk II is the second generation of the RT-30 Spectrometer. The instrument is built as an open platform with potential of fast and simple implementation of special features required by customers. The Mk II bridges traditional scintillation detection probes using common vacuum photomultiplier tube with up-to-date silicon photomultipliers technology. Typically used in Homeland Security and surveillance operations, Customs and Border protection, Hospitals and Health physics, Nuclear facilities, Waste Recycling and Incineration plants and many other applications.

Key Features • Excellent Sensitivity • Highest ratio detector to unit volume. • Fast and Reliable Isotope Identification. • Easy Operation • Automatic Stabilisation on Natural background. • USB C and wireless connections • Weather protected • Ergonomic, lightweight handheld well balanced, compact • Comfortable grip with five buttons operable in glows • Removable protective rubber boot • Detectors fully build in the housing, protected by rubber foam. • Large, transreflectible colored display - sharp and high contrast in sunlight, backlighted in dark. • Loudspeaker with plastic membrane watertight. • Four status indication LEDs – indication of alarms and health status.

Technical Specifications • Detectors: NaI/(Tl), Φ51 x 51 mm (2“ x 2“), 104 cm3 (6.3 in3), all RT models BGO, Φ51 x 51 mm (2“ x 2“), 104 cm3 (6.3 in3), GT-32 Mk II model Photomultiplier diameter 2”, bialkali. • Display: Colour LCD, 360 x 240 dots, 72 x 54 mm (3.5”), Sun readable Automatic Backlight. • Acoustic Indication: audio frequency is proportional to measured count rate Speaker, dia. 28 mm + Built-in Microphone. • Control: Illuminated Navigation Joystick, 5 positions. • Data Storage/Transfer: 32 GB memory for spectra, search profiles and dose, min. 8000 Samples with full Spectra, Data Position and Voice Message USB-C, direct and Ethernet mode, Bluetooth 1.2 Class 2 and Wi-Fi. • GPS Support: Internal - GNSS engine for GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, 56-channels NMEA 0183 External GPS connectable. • Power: Rechargeable Li-ion 7.2 V / 6600 mAh (Panasonic CGR18650CG/2S3P) – min. 8 hours of operation at 20oC External AC adapter USB-C 60W for charging or measurement. • Environmental: IP-65 Dust and Water resistant Operating temperature range -10°C to +50°C RFI/EMF Shielding complies with FCC(47 CFR part 15) for Class A CE Certification. • Size and Weight: Size L x W x H 29 cm x 10 cm x 16 cm Weight 3 kg.


STS can supply the whole range of instruments from Georadis within the UK-

please call 01189 799591 or send us an enquiry to to get more information and quotes on the models you require.











Georadis products are manufactured in Czech Republic and imported to the UK by STS Ltd.

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