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  • How can you simulate radioactive contamination?
    a non toxic simulant such as LS1 from Safe Training Systems can be applied to a surface where it will slowly evaporate leaving a small gas cloud, a modified contamination meter can then be used to detect this apparent radiation causing the meter to display counts as if seeing real radiation.
  • What is the range of a radiation simulator?
    Radiation field simulation is based on the use of a radiofrequency source and detector – the limitation to the range is the available power of the transmitter which in the case of the mini-Source range from STS is approx. 15m.
  • Can radiation simulators demonstrate shielding attenuation?
    The radio frequency system used by STS will be attenuated by various materials to varying degrees, glass and thin wood will have a small effect whilst brickwork or concrete walls will cause much higher attenuation and metal will shield the source entirely.
  • Can you simulate inverse square law with a simulator?
    Inverse square law can be demonstrated used the STS radiation field simulation systems – these operate using radio waves which like ionising radiation have an inverse square response.
  • Do radiation simulants have a shelf life?
    Liquid (LS1) and solid (SS4) simulants from STS have a shelf life of 5 years from date of manufacture.
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