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STS Safe-Portal Monitor

Simulated Portal Monitor

 STS have developed a new system for simulation of Portal Monitors which does not require the adaption or interaction of the existing portal.

Key Features & Applications • System can be tailored to the clients requirements to provide a suitable output for their training scenario. • The system comprises of 3 parts. • A detection box which is temporarily fixed to the inside of the portal monitor gateway which houses the detection circuit and is linked to the control box. • 10 variable alarm settings can be selected to adjust the sensitivity of the detector to the presence of the simulated source. • The Control box and Beacon: • The control box processes the signals from the detector and send the output to both a Sounder unit and to a beacon, these are activated when the set threshold is exceeded. • The control box also provides power to the detcetion system and beacon. • STS developed a new smaller and slimmer source especially for this application - the Pocket Source is designed to easily fit into the pocket of trainee who passes through the portal gateway, if the signal generated by the source exceeds the alarm threshold set on the detector then the sounder and Beacon are activated. • The source can also be adjusted to give a stronger or weaker signal meaning that the portal can be fine tuned to alarm given a certain dwell time in the portal or at a certain distance from the portal.

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Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

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