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Radiation Products

STS Safe-6150AD

Simulated Survey Meter

STS 6150AD

The new STS Safe-Series range brings new technology into handheld simulation to provide the most realistic simulators available today.

A unique radio system produces both a near isotropic field pattern from the source and from the detector. A good representation of the inverse square law and attenuation of different materials adds to the realistic response. Available now is the Safe-Series 6150AD simulator. This Survey meter simulator is a replica of a real 6150AD utilising the STS Safe-Series technology. The simulator features the same display set out, audio output and button arrangements as the real instrument but responds to the Safe-Series Mini and Pocket Sources.

All of the instruments in the Safe-Series range are compatible – so any combination of Survey Meter, Dosimeter and Source may be used – with up to 16 instruments being simultaneously fielded.

Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

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