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Georadis RT-50

Radiation Detection Monitor

The RT-50 is a state of the art gamma spectrum analyzer which monitors and detects the presence of radiation in metals, metals by-products, geological samples, construction materials, environmental commodities, food and many other materials. Floor standing and easy to operate, the RT-50 spectrum analyser is an indispensable part of any analytical laboratory, it rapidly detects and accurately measures extremely low levels of radioactive contamination. Used in the following applications; Steel, scrap and other metal industries, geology and geophysics and the food and food processing industry.

Key Features • High sensitivity • Low operating costs and fast analyses. • Ease of integration thanks to the SQL database, operable in networks. • Wide range of sample containers, including Marinelli beakers. • Sensitivity: Accurately measure the radioactivity in a given sample utilising a high sensitivity NaI(TI) scintillator. Measurement sensitivity 0.02 Bq/g. • Multichannel Analyser: Self contained 1024 channel pulse amplitude analyser. • Speed: Full sample analysis in only 5 mins. • Ease of use: With little training the operator can use the graphic menu driven interface. • Calibration: Optimised calibration eliminates long calibration times. • Integration: All data stored in multiplatform open source SQL database to allow easy integration into customer’s own systems. • Analysis Data: May be viewed, printed, archived or transferred to a network.

Technical Specifications • Detector: NaI(Tl) volume 0.35 l, 76 x 76 mm (3”x3”), with bi-alkali PMT Resolution better then 7.5% FWHM at 662 keV. • High voltage: Supply range 500 – 1000 V digitally controlled • Output: Positive impulses, rising time better then 0.5 µs, Amplitude linear range max +2.5 V, Bipolar Shaping, time constant 1 µs, Coarse gain HV controlled, Fine gain +/- 3 % in 1000 gain steps. • Spectrum stabilization: Two point – offset and gain correction, 662 keV typ. at ch. 220, Precision +/- 0.1 ch. • ADC: Approximation, double buffered, high speed and high linearity, Conversion time 1.5 µs 1024 channels down sampled from 65535, Digitally adjustable ADC zero +/- 80 mV, Digitally adjustable LLD range from 2nd – 30th channel, Automatic Dead time correction, precision better 0.25%. • Nonlinearity: Integral max 0.1% of full scale within 95% of range, Differential max 3% of full scale within 95% of range. • Communication interface: USB • Reference source: 137Cs - 9 kBq (0.25 µCi). • Power consumption: Power over USB, max 100 mA. • Shielding: Steel, minimal thickness 85 mm, optionally Lead. • Environmental: Operating temperature range 0°C to +40°C, Storage temperature range -20°C to +70°C. • Size and weight: HxWxD 770 mm x 360 mm x 620 mm, Weight 410 kg (580 kg for Lead shield). • Software requirements: Operating System Windows 2K, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Linux with Kernel 2.6 Firebird SQL 2.0.


STS can supply the whole range of instruments from Georadis within the UK-

please call 01189 799591 or send us an enquiry to to get more information and quotes on the models you require.











Georadis products are manufactured in Czech Republic and imported to the UK by STS Ltd.

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