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Radiation Products

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STS Safe-FH40GL10

Simulated Survey Meter

Developed by STS, the unit utilises STS Safe-Series technology to safely replicate radiation fields. The FH40G is available as a hand held unit or mounted on a telepole for distance working.

Key Features & Applications • A radiofrequency source is placed in the training area and the simulated unit activated, the instrument then functions exactly as the real instrument does but is detecting the radio field not ionising radiation. • Simulators are able to replicate characteristic shielding and approximation to the inverse square law providing a very realistic training platform. • Helps to limit exposure of the trainer – if real sources are used, every training session poses an additional cumulative dose to the trainer, while the trainee receives only the dose resulting from the session attended. • The telepole detector head has detectors mounted inside giving a full 360 degrees of coverage. • FH40 controls and characteristics remain unchanged from the real instrument. • Button function is identical and the instrument has selectable alarm functions and audio output. • Simulator is identical in size and form. • Runs on standard 2 AA cells as with the original instrument.

Technical Specifications •

Additional Information • The STS Safe- miniature source is particularly good for use with the extended telepole as it may be hidden easily out of sight. • Attenuation of materials may be shown by placing the meter behind various shields such as plaster board, wood & glass. • The thickness and density of the material will vary the signal received and demonstrate the value of using shielding to protect the worker.

Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

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