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Rotem Industries

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Rotem Telepole Meter

Wide Range Telescopic Survey Meter

The TelePole II is a wide range Telescopic Survey Meter with a dose rate range of between 0.1 uSv/h to 10 Sv/h (0.01 mR/h to 1000 R/h) capable of supporting a wide variety of external detectors. The meter can be used as a stand-alone instrument, or integrated into systems, using existing equipment and software. Featuring built-in data memory, data downloading capability, and an optional integrated transmitter for remote transmission of survey data. The TelePole II is available with either Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Poles.

Key Features • Quick Connect Multi Detector options. • Color coded display featuring large easy to read digits. • Simultaneous display of external and internal detectors. • Can be used as a stand-alone instrument, or integrated into systems, using existing equipment and software. • Built-in data memory, data downloading, & optional integrated transmitter for remote survey data transmission. • Available with Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Poles. • Simple multi- layered menu for quick selection of command. • Anodized Aluminum 13’ Pole with ¼ turn positive locking mechanism. • Built in LED on the tip of detector to light up dark areas being surveyed. • Interchangeable “smart” detector capabilities • Long battery life (100 hours) • IP-67 rating available

Technical Specifications (Meter) • Detector: Energy Compensated GM tube (ZP-1201 or equivalent) • Dose Rate Range (Sv): 0.1 uSv/h to 15 mSv/h • Dose Rate Range (R): 0.01 mR/h to 1.5 R/h • Linearity: + 10% of reading • Energy Range: 50 KeV – 2 MeV, Energy Response: Better than 20% for whole energy range. • Sensitivity (137Cs): 17 cps/mR/h • Display: Color TFT Display • Threshold Alarms: User selectable for dose rate and accumulated dose • Battery Life: 100 hours continuous operation (Four 1.5 Volt AA batteries) • Housing: Ruggedized Plastic, IP-65 or IP-67 • Operating temperature: -20oC to + 50oC • Humidity: Up to 93% at 35 ºC • Weight: 440 grams (0.97 lbs) • Telescopic Probe • Detectors: The TelePole II supports a number of detectors • Telescopic Pole: Available in a number of lengths, Anodized Aluminum, quarter turn positive locking, Carbon Fiber 5 segments with external locking grips • Pole Length: Collapsed : 120 cm (3’ 11”) Extended: 400 cm (13’) • Meter Bracket: Ruggedized Bracket allowing for quick release of Meter • Carrying Strap: included


STS can supply the whole range of instruments from Rotem Industries - please call 01189 799591 or send us an enquiry to to get more information and quotes on the models you require.











Rotem Industries products are manufactured in Israel and imported to the UK by STS Ltd.

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