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Radiation Products

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STS Safe-MiniSource

Simulated Radiation Source

The STS Safe-MiniSource simulator is a simulated radiation source designed to aid the tuition of workers in the nuclear industry in safe practices and in understanding the nature and mechanics of ionising radiation.

Key Features & Applications • Instrument operates using an STS radio frequency emitter to generate a field which can be detected by the Survey-Safe or Dosi-Safe with the resultant reading  displayed on the LCD Display of the instrument. • The Safe-MiniSource is designed to be easily hidden and features a single button to turn the source on/off and a led to indicate battery low. • The Safe-MiniSource is a simulated radiation field generator which will generate a near isotropic field pattern providing a field of approx 15M in all directions. • The source features a single "isotope" which recreates the characteristics of the isotope in terms of its beta/gamma generation at a set activity level. • Runs off 2 standard AAA cells giving an operation time of over 10hrs. • The Safe-Series of instruments offer the perfect solution for CBRN Training, Hazmat Training and Homeland Security Training with simple intuitive controls, competitive pricing and low ongoing cost of ownership.

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Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

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