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STS Contamination Monitor Simulator

The Contamination monitor simulator is a wall mounted mains powered unit that replicates monitors such as the Thermo CM9/11.

The system features a DP6 style frisking probe with an automatic background check and monitoring activated by removing the probe from the cradle.

The unit features a full colour 7” touch screen with counts displayed and a bar graph visual indicator for both Alpha and Beta Channels. The meter is powered directly from a 240v or 110v mains supply via a wall plug.

The unit features a comprehensive menu system with user definable settings :

Apha Alarm

Beta Alarm

Display Units

Display Mode

Contamination Check

Monitoring Time

Background Monitoring Time

Changing Background Threshold

Operation in High Background

Background Substitution

The units respond to STS’s proprietary LS1 liquid simulant spray which may be used to show cross contamination and contamination clean-up.

The unit is supplied with a 12 month warranty and with no requirement for annual calibration or service the ongoing cost of ownership is minimal.

The case is powder coated steel with an integral wall mounting plate. The probe hanger is included suitable for a DP6 probe only.

The probe connector is a 5 pin binder ensuring that the unit cannot be connected to a real probe.

The meter is supplied with probe and cable, manual, charger and 1 can of LS1 simulant.

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