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Siloxane Monitor Installed

STS have now completed the installation and commissioning of the first Siloxane Monitoring unit for Southern Water /Clarke Energy at the Millbrook Waste Water Treatment Works.

The monitor has been set up to measure the raw input from the gas boosters into the filter system and then the 2 outputs from the twin filters. The flexibility of the filter arrangement means that they can be run in lead-lag  or in parallel and either filter can be specified as the lead filter.  The sampling points chosen will therefore allow for post filter analysis whatever the chosen arrangement of the filters.

The kiosk has been installed with 1/4" SS pipework and trace heating to prevent condensation of the siloxanes in the sampling pipework, this is powered from and regulated by a thermostat housed in the monitoring kiosk.  The kiosk is automatically vented and heated to maintain a stable temperature and ventilation.

All sample lines are carried on unit strut with hangers and insulated in a waterproof Pararoc insulation. Datacomms are provided by 4 x 4-20mA circuits to a GSM unit reporting to a 3rd party website, hourly data is then visible for trending and limit breaches which are reported via text/email to the operator.

The package requires very little maintenance with a bi-annual service and maintenance/calibration regime.

For more information on Siloxane Monitoring solutions - please contact

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