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STS deploys more portable monitors

STS have provided further customers in the Water industry with our portable Siloxane monitoring solution. Following the successful use of a portable unit across a number of sites in the last 12 months our customers came to us to provide a 2nd unit to increase their coverage of sites where activated carbon filters are used to clean AD derived biogas.

The portable units are supplied with twin sampling lines so a pre and post filter reading can be taken with reporting being sent via telemetry directly to a secure website.

Operators are able to rapidly identify filter saturation, arrange replacement and prevent longer term engine damage - all from a remote location. Reducing required man hours on site and managing carbon spend.

The portable units are fitted with the same safety features as the fixed monitors, full case air purge system, onboard LEL methane sensor, over temperature protection and auto shutdown on fan failure or LEL threshold breach.

For more information or to discuss your requirements - please contact

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