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IED-Dirty Bomb Scenario -What’s in their bags ?

STS Safe-Series instruments can be used to track and locate simulated “Dirty bombs”  carried by a terrorist.  The non hazardous microwave source emits a signal that is detected by a simulated survey meter the Survey-Safe.


Using the Safe-Variable MiniSource gives a 360 degree field emitted in all directions out to a distance of approx 15metres.


An exercise can therefore be run where intelligence is provided giving the approximate location of the suspect, a team can then be sent in with meters to track and contain the individual.  Certain instruments can be used via an earpiece meaning that the instrument can be place also in a bag of the tracking operative and not alerting the suspect to their presence.  The PRM470 is a typical instrument for such an application

STS simulated source

concealed in rucksack of

 “ terrorist”

Tracking team with STS simulated meter concealed in bag, using earphone to detect  the audible dose rate and alarm.

Simulated Pipe bomb scenario using multiple Safe-Series sources

STS Safe-MiniSource,  3 camouflaged simulated sources in post explosion debris to demonstrate radioactive hot spots.

The STS Safe-MiniSource  lends itself perfectly to running scenarios where the source is required to be hidden from view and where multiple sources would realistically be found such as after a pipe bomb explosion where there would be hot spots of highly active material.


Up to 8 sources can be used simultaneously and instructors can therefore vary the training scenario without relocating the sources by turning one or more off.  Additionally the source strength on the Variable sources may be set from one of 10 preselected levels to make some of the sources harder to find due to masking from more powerful sources. This facility again adds a flexibility to the training session and can be used to force trainees to go back over an area and discover a previously missed source.


In the example above the rubble is of concrete blocks—concrete is an effective shield of radiofrequency emissions and so source placement must be careful in order to not completely mask the output.  Cloth, sacking and plastics will not shield the signal and so can be used to camouflage the source effectively.

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