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STS the New UK Distributor for Berkeley Nucleonics

Safe Training Systems (STS) has recently signed a new distribution agreement with Berkeley Nucleonics, becoming the official UK distributor for their comprehensive range of Isotope Identifiers and Radiation Detectors. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the availability and distribution of advanced nuclear instrumentation in the UK.

STS on site using Berkeley Nucleonics products

About Berkeley Nucleonics

Berkeley Nucleonics, based in California, USA, boasts over 60 years of expertise in the nuclear instrumentation field. Renowned for their innovative solutions and commitment to quality, Berkeley Nucleonics has established itself as a leader in the development of cutting-edge nuclear detection and analysis equipment. Their products are engineered to meet the stringent demands of various sectors, including emergency services, border security, industrial applications, and nuclear power plants. The company’s equipment is celebrated for its rugged reliability and high sensitivity, ensuring precise and dependable performance in critical environments.

Berkely Nucleonics Logo

Unique Features of Berkeley Nucleonics Equipment

A standout feature of many Berkeley Nucleonics units is the integration of both audio and visual capture facilities. This unique capability allows for accurate tagging and logging of measurements and their respective environments, which is further enhanced by GPS location tracking. Such features are crucial for applications requiring meticulous documentation and real-time data analysis.

Highlighted Products

SAM 950 Ruggedised Identifier

The SAM 950 is one of Berkeley Nucleonics' flagship products, designed with a large, touchscreen display that ensures durability and ease of use in harsh environments. This ruggedised identifier is ideal for users who need reliable, high-performance equipment that can withstand challenging conditions.

SAM940+ Handheld RIID

Another notable product is the SAM940+, a handheld Radioisotope Identification Device (RIID) equipped with a connector for an external probe. This device offers versatility and precision, making it a valuable tool for professionals in various fields requiring accurate isotope identification and radiation detection.

SAM 950 and SAM 940+

Benefits of the STS and Berkeley Nucleonics Partnership

The collaboration between STS and Berkeley Nucleonics brings several benefits to the UK market:

  1. Enhanced Availability: The partnership ensures that Berkeley Nucleonics' advanced radiation detection and isotope identification products are readily available in the UK, reducing lead times and improving access for UK customers.

  2. Local Support: STS provides local support and expertise, ensuring customers receive comprehensive training, technical support, and after-sales service.

  3. Customised Solutions: With a thorough understanding of the UK market, STS can offer tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of different sectors, from emergency services to industrial users.

  4. Innovation and Reliability: Customers can trust that they are getting cutting-edge technology backed by decades of experience and proven reliability from Berkeley Nucleonics.

The new distribution agreement between Safe Training Systems and Berkeley Nucleonics represents a significant advancement in the availability and support of high-quality nuclear instrumentation in the UK. This partnership promises to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to meet the diverse needs of professionals in emergency services, border security, industrial applications, and nuclear power plants. For full information please contact us at, or request a quotation here!


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