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STS supplies more RadEye simulators

 STS are supplying a further batch of it's unique simulation probes for the Thermo RadEye SX.  The probes are built from scratch by STS taking the form of an enlarged AP2 style probe.  The UK customer purchased 8 of these simulated probes 18 months ago and is now increasing their training fleet by a further 5 probes.  

The RadEye smart probes utilise the same detection technology as the standard STS products, but the circuitry, power supply and ancillaries which are normally housed in the meter are all contained in the probe body.  This means that users can utilise their own existing meters to run both real probes and simulated probes without the additonal expense of having dedicated training meters.

The RadEye compatible smart probes are also available in a DP6 style probe head.

STS are also shortly to launch 2 further smart probes for driect use with the Ludlum 3000 and Thermo Mini900 meters - more news on that shortly..

For quotes and further information please contact us at:

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