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Simulators supplied to NARU

 STS have supplied the NARU -HART Ambulance service training centre at Winterbourne Gunner with a set of Safe-Series simulators for training the HART teams in response to potential incidents involving radiation.  The training devices are based around the Thermo EPD style Electronic Personal Dosimeter and offer crews the opportunity to train in a simulated radiation field without any risk.

The EPD's are designed to mimic the crews own real EPD's with the same alarm levels and tones being used as thier kit.  The beauty of simulation is that tasks can be run multiple times to improve the crews response and methodology in dealing with such an incident in a 100% safe but realistic scenario.

Small radio frequency sources are hidden in the training area to produce a background field picked up by the EPDs and output as both Accumulated Dose and Rate readings with set point alarms for both variables.  Multiple sources may be used in an exercise to simulate "hot spots" or for lost source recovery scenarios. 

A total of 16 devices may be networked to work simultaneously so that different crew members can operate in different locations on the training area and see the effect of time and distance on their dose readings.

For more information on the STS EPD dosimeters please contact:


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