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SIBCRA PRO – New distribution partners for STS simulation systems in the Middle East.

STS are delighted to announce its collaboration with Sibcra Pro to facilitate the distribution of our simulation range in the Middle East. Sibcra Pro have offices in Saudi and the Netherlands from where they offer a full suite of Chemical, Biological and now Radiological training courses and training/simulation solutions.



Sibcra Pro said this “Our team comprises professionals whose knowledge is not only academically recognized but also rigorously tested in real operational theatres. This unique blend of academic and practical experience underpins our innovative training, testing, consulting, and product solutions designed to support the responder community and governmental agencies in CBRNE defence, security, and environmental management.

At SIBCRA PRO, we are committed to delivering comprehensive instructional devices for training professionals from the military, civil defense, police, medical, and forensic services, preparing them to effectively manage incidents involving CBRNE agents. These devices provide a safe yet realistic alternative to training with live agents, ensuring both efficacy and safety in preparation for real-world scenarios”

STS are excited to be working alongside Sibcra Pro to expand our offering into the growing Middle Eastern Market.

Countries covered by Sibcra Pro are: Saudi Arabia, Jodan, Israel, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, UAE and Kuwait.

Contact the team here if you have any questions for the team!


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