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First look at the new STS Siloxane Monitor V4.0

The R&D department at STS Instruments has been hard at work designing the next generation of online Siloxane monitoring devices.  This has culminated in the launch of the NEW Siloxane Monitor V4.0 - an installed system for monitoring Siloxane Contamination in Biogas and Landfill Gas streams supplying CHP engines or gas to grid applications.

STS Siloxane Monitor

The new monitor builds on the fundamentals of the original monitors but with enhanced software and measurement systems.  An all-new large colour touchscreen gives much more information at a glance to both the standard user and to a maintenance operative. The intuitive interface allows easy and rapid setup of the system to the users requirements – allowing sample point selection, repetition rate of sampling, and purge and blank reading settings.

A new concentration column now allows for the capture and analysis of the smaller chain siloxanes down to L2 (hexamethyldisiloxane) previously not captured by the system. The monitor outputs the readings once per hour as a total concentration in mg/m3 uploaded to a secure website and can also be integrated into a customer's SCADA via 4-20mA outputs.

The monitor is now mounted in a metal frame with an integrated roof meaning the unit is off the ground and shielded from the weather and shaded in summer. An entirely new layout enables improved access for service & maintenance tasks whilst retaining and improving on the safety features of the previous unit. The V4.0 includes the air purged cabinet, over temperature cutouts, onboard methane detector and now also an undervoltage trip meaning the unit cannot be restarted should a power outage affect the unit without user intervention.

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