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New Simulators on their way!

STS have taken the opportunity whilst things are "quiet" to work on the development of a new range of contamination simulators.

These will be in addition to our existing range of meters and offer our customers a greater choice of both form and price. There will be 3 new meters - all manufactured by STS in the UK from scratch. A palm sized meter for connection to a STS smart probe such as our smart DP6 or Smart 44A. A desk top meter which can connect to any of STS' standard analogue probes such as the HP260, 44A, EP15, etc. And an all-in-one meter which has the detectors built into the base of the unit.

These 3 new units will feature new screen technology with digital output and will be available with either standard Alkaline disposable cells or a Lithium Ion rechargeable built in battery.

First units will be available from September this year- watch this space for more updates as these units come into production, pricing will be available from August.

For more information please contact Jim Ward -

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