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More users switch to RadEye Simulators

 The News that Thermo have ceased production of the much loved Electra meter has forced trainers to re-assess their simulation requirements in order to fully meet the needs of trainees now utilising new meters for contamination and radiation surveys.

STS have long been aware that the Electra had a limited life span and so moved to ensure a replacement simulator was ready for trainers when they switched to the new family of instruments.  The Electra has of course been superceded by the Thermo RadEye range - specifically the SX which can be used with compatible existing contamination probes.

This instrument was clearly going to be a challenge to STS as there was no space inside to house the STS electronics previously housed in the Electa.  The solution was to produce a "Smart " probe which housed the detection circuit, electronics and batteries and could be plugged into a real unmodified RadEye SX.

This instrument has proven a hit with customers - with repeat orders already being received from the early adopters in the UK Nuclear Industry.

This has also led to STS investigating and now producing simulators for other RadEye units including the G10 and GF10 Survey Meters - both of which will be in production from August this year.

These units take a real RadEye and upgrade it with the addition of a secondary circuit and detection system into a simulated unit - but retaining all the functionality and form of the RadEye - apart form the different front overlay it would be impossible to tell them apart.  These units however respond to the STS Safe-Series sources to reproduce virtual radiation fields in a completely safe environment.

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