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Mini Monitor Simulators still a firm favourite.

Despite the worlds drive to make everything digital, small and over complicated the Mini 900 from Thermo is still one of the most popular simulators in the STS product list.

In fact STS is currently working on the supply of 5 units to 5 different customers from the US, UK and Switzerland.

The mini900 offers a great robust monitor with a clear and easy to use display and simple controls. STS offer the monitor with either a 44A style cylindrical simulated probe or an EP15 probe.

STS are able to offer both New Mini 900 modifications and also can re-purpose your old Mini 900 into a simulator - as long as it still works then we can use it!

The Mini 900 offers the most affordable entry point for training devices and is as such popular with Universities and Hospitals where budgets can be difficult.


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