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First view of new STS Contamination Trainer

New to the STS simulation range is the Contamination Trainer - the first purpose built contamination simulator from STS which does not use a existing meter as the base unit.



Specifically designed to be simple, easy to use, robust and not requiring a new meter to be purchased for conversion. The meter features a bright LCD digital display with output in CPS and a auotscaling bar graph showing the reading trend. An alarm set point can be set with visual and audiable indication.

The unit is powered by a 3.7V lithium ion cell giving over 14hours of continuous use and can also be run directly from mains supply. The meter is compatible with the full range of STS standard probes such as the 44A as shown here.

The unit is built into a robust aluminium housing with adjustable front feet , a carry handle and probe clip, the front panel features STS's 5 way connector which ensures that a real probe cannot be connected if mistaken for a real meter.

The meter is the ideal tool for teaching contamination procedures to students particularly in the University, Hospital and Research sectors.

First units of the Contamination Trainer will be available from mid October 2021

To find out more and obtain a quote please contact


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