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European Commission invest in more simulation systems

 The European Commission Joint Research Centre are adding to their existing range of STS simulators with purchases of STS's Thermo FH40 GL10 simulator and simulated Radiation probe head for use on Thermo's 4M extending telescopic pole.

The STS FH40 is part of the Safe-Series range of radiation field simulators which use a radio network to mimic real radiation fields.  The simulator is built into a real FH40 shell giving the user the most realistic simulation possible so that they can become accustomed to using the real monitor in live conditions.

The Safe-Series range includes survey meters, electronic personal dosimeters and simulated sources all of which may be networked togther with up to 16 units fielded simultaneously.  The true benefit of this system is that repetitions of the same maintenance or monitoring task can be undertaken without any addition to the trainees annual dose limit.

The FH40 is soon to be joined by the new RadEye G10 based field simulator offering more choice in the best possible simulation technologies.

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