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A new dual Simulator for the Rotem RamGene 1 MKII

STS are always developing new products to add to our range of training simulators.  Following increasing interest in the Rotem RamGene Simulator we have started to design a process to improve and enhance the current unit's capabilities. Up to now the unit has offered a contamination-only simulation for training users in the detection and measurement of radioactive surface contamination, but this is only half the story with the RamGene 1 MKII.  The real RamGene offers both CPS in cap off mode for contamination but also uSv/h with the cap on in radiation mode. The new simulator in design will be able to offer both of these solutions making the training even more realistic for students.

Rotem industries RamGene 1 MKII

This development isn’t without its technical and physical challenges! The new meter will require not only 2 circuit boards but the gas detection head, new screen and an integrated Lithium Cell for power – but it also needs to be made from plastic.  The real unit is housed in a metal body – a no-go for our radiofrequency-based simulation – the case would entirely shield the RF sources output. We are therefore working to create a bespoke housing that will retain all the attributes of the real meter but that will fit all of our electronics inside.

We hope to have the new unit completed and ready for sale by Q1 of 2025, stay in touch to get the latest updates!


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