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Contamination Products

STS SPA6 Probe for 6150AD

Simulated Contamination Probe




The STS SPA6 probe is in cylindrical form, 67mm diameter, and 200mm long. It differs from other STS probes, in that it is a self contained detection and interface unit, and can therefore be connected direct to real ratemeters. It contains a six cell MN1500 battery pack which this gives about 10 to 15 hours of operation.

The probe is designed to replicate the particular properties of radioactive surface contamination in that the simulant is designed to stay close to the surface being monitored, to be invisible to the naked eye and to remain sufficiently long for the training session to be completed.

The system is excellent for demonstration the monitoring of radioactive cross contamination, stategically applied to touch points in a working area the simulant can be traced spreading from worker to surface, instrument, clothing and other workers.

The simulant will entirely evaporate within 24hrs leaving the training area clean and "uncontaminated" for the next users.

Realistic radiation training is an essential part of all nuclear workers, emergency response teams and security services training and the benefit of training with "life like" radiation simulators should not be underestimated.

The SPA6 is compatible with all the 6150AD instruments and requires no modification of the real instrument..

Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

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