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STS Products & Services

A diverse product range and a wide skill set for new development and commercialisation of prototypes and initial designs.

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Radiation Detection

Already trusted by...


  • Radiation Simulation

  • Siloxane Monitoring

  • Portable Fluorimetry

  • Fine Wire Assemblies

  • Commercialisation of concept designs

  • UK Distributors for Rotem Industries, Georadis Systems &        Berkeley Nucleonics.


Eugene, Stratec Services

"Customers like the concept of both the contamination as well as the dose rate simulators."


Trevor, AWE

"We have been working with STS for a number of years and we value our relationship with them. They continue to be an important supplier in the provision of services and solutions, to support our work in radiation monitoring in a secure and safe environment."

Mark, Sizewell A

"STS equipment has helped us to provide realistic and reliable training."


Bob, Sellafield Sites

"A great range of products to help trainers like me to do my job."

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