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STS Launch new RadEye(tm) Range

 STS are pleased to announce that the Thermo RadEye(tm) G-10 and GF-10 Safe-Series simulators are now available as part of the Safe-Series simulation range.

These all new simulators use a real unmodified Thermo RadEye with the GM tube removed and the STS simulation circuit added.  The STS circuit generates pulses from the radio signal received from the simulated source and send these pulses directly to the RadEye circuit outputing as a standard reading in Sv's.

STS have introduced both G-10 and the extended range GF-10 models with the first batch already produced and dispatched to our Dutch distributors Stratec Sevices BV who worked very closely with STS on the development of this unit and provided the RadEye units for modification.

This first batch are destined for the Dutch Fire Service and will kit out 11 of their training teams with the GF-10 variant bringing a far more realistic edge to the training scenarios.

The STS RadEye Simulators maintain their full integrity of menus and functions and are still customiseable by the user in terms of alarm settings, screen output etc.

In addition to the RadEyes Stratec also requested that STS produce a remote control version of the Safe-Series Variable MiniSource.  So we did!  The new source has a small keyfob with 8 setting to choose from and can be programmed before despatch to suit a particular users requirements.  In this case the levels selected were from 1.0 uSv up to 10 mSv at 1m from the source.  

The keyfob has a range of over 100m so changes to a scenario may be made on the fly and without interuption to the trainees participating.

For more information on the New STS RadEye simulators and the remote control sources please contact Jim at



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