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Design, Development, Breadboarding and Production of Instrumentation PCBs.

STS have over the years developed numerous PCBs for use in a range of electronic equipment and instrumentation, from very small boards (15x 20mm) designed to interact with other PCBs through to full instrument control PCBS running detection circuits, power management and data communications. 

STS have technical staff in house who can either take on such projects themselves or who can manage projects where our team of contractors are utilised for their particular expertise.

Signal generation board including 2kV transformer to supply a 10u corona discharge device

4-20mA driving board to supply data output from measurement system

Full Control System board processing measurement signal information, operating solenoid valves, gas flow regulators, display driver and telemetry interfaces. On board battery backup and fail safes based on temperature, fan operation and CH4 level.

Small board to interface a MPPC (multi pixel photon counter) to an immersible probe for water quality measurement.

Zigbee stack board operating a network system with RF antennae signal generation and receipt.

Mechanical Design

Project Mgmt

Inspired Solutions

Electronic Design

Problem Solving

Our products are all manufactured in the UK.

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