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Mechanical Design

STS have over the years developed and had manufactured many molded and machined cases for equipment and instrumentation.  This is just one example of a casing designed for a personal dosimeter simulator.

The design of this unit threw up some interesting challenges.  The unit had to be manufactured from RF transmissible material with particular attention given to the case area surrounding the 3 antennae to keep the case thickness to a minimum whilst retaining strength and rigidity and to keep the area uncluttered by fixtures which may affect the RF performance.

The design had also to mimick a real instrument in both form and function, as such the position of buttons was dictated as was the use of a rubber button & belt clip from the real instrument which was incorporated into the design.

Having established the minimum dimensions that were governed by the major components (screen, batteries and pcb) the case was given the same form as the real instrument, in this case the height and width were identical but the depth of the unit was 50% greater than that of the real instrument.

In order to make the assembly both easy to put together and lightweight a machined block was produced onto which weer mounted the LCD screen pcb, the RF and control pcb and also housed the AAA batteries and speaker.  The design incorporated retained threaded lugs in the outer casing into which the mounting block is screwed - this means that all of the component parts are secured with just 6 screws in the entire assembly.

Although this unit was developed around the existing RF control pcb a new display pcb had to be developed which fitted the curved shape of the case and also mounted 3 buttons underslung from the board in 3 different orientations.  Accuracy of development and build was crucial to ensure that the screen lined up correctly with the window and the led aperture, the 3 buttons lined up with their respective positions - and that it could physically be mounted into the recess in the case when secured to the main internal mounting block.

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