STS Thermo CM11 Clothing Monitor 

Simulated Clothing Monitor

The STS CM11 simulator is a fully functioning real Thermo CM11 that has been modified for use in nuclear contamination training. The unit retains its full range of functions but has additional electronics inside the meter and operates with a simulated STS BP19/DP11 style probe.

The monitor which is used for verification of decontamination and identification of contaminated hands and clothing is supplied with a 1.5m cable enabling easy frisking of potentially contaminated workers.  The system operates exactly as other STS systems using a clear odourless spray applied to represent the radioactive contamination and a gas detection system built into the probe.  The liquid spray is easily cross contaminated so that realistic training can be given on de-robing and decontamination exercises.

The harmless and non toxic simulant produces only a small vapour cloud which forces trainees to practice monitoring slowly and close to the surface to detect the liquid.  This also highlights the issues of contaminating the probe if it is dragged across a surface where the simulant has been applied and will now show signs of contamination when not directly monitoring.

The CM11 is designed to be wall or trolley mounted as suits the training environment,

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Simulated Thermo CM11 clothing monitor